What I’m working on – Pathfinder Games

Recently I’ve gotten back into game development and it’s been a blast. This is where I started, so being able to come back and still feel the same level of enjoyment is amazing. I’ve gone ahead and forged my name under the new name “Pathfinder Games” even though I’m currently a solo-developer.

I used to have a very fond interest with multiplayer FPS games, and even though my networking and authentication skills are horrific, I’ve decided this would be an entertaining project to build and learn upon.

I’ve slowly built out the core of the game and it’s currently in a playable state – however, I’m still making frequent changes and will need a bit more time until I can announce more information about the game.

If you’re interested in what I’m working on, please follow the official twitter account @PathfinderCodes

Until next time o/